Why Maybe Med?


A Leap of Faith

(albeit safely)


After teaching hundreds of students at the bedside ranging from Nurses, to Medical Students, Paramedics, to even Podiatry Residents over the 12 years as a Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, ICU, Internal Medicine, Trauma and General Surgery I wanted nothing more then to teach. When asked sarcastically my teaching style during an interview for a Faculty Position of a PA Program, knowing they reviewed my CV, I felt the hard clash of Formal Education hitting the actual Hands on Clinical Skills that I pride myself in. This not only encompasses bedside procedures, but critical thinking, and interviewing techniques that I have passed along in real time demonstration. As a preceptor I covered the expected, but also took great effort in filling in the in between, the important stuff about the actual career of medicine. Not the negative, nor the glamorous, but the actual. So here’s Maybe Med…a place to get exposure to something a little less Formal…